Recap - WordPress Meetup Antwerpen

Last Tuesday, and after a 20 month Corona break, the Antwerp WordPress Meetup team organised a new meetup event. 🥳 With 21 attendees it was a nice group of WordPress enthusiasts gathering to be inspired by 2 speakers and exchange ideas. The subject was the current state of the Gutenberg block editor and what’s new, […]

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10 Years of Wild Wild Web

Last Saturday, our team celebrated our 10th anniversary! What a ride we had those years. It makes us wonder where AppSaloon will be in another decade. Ten years ago, you did not check the Internet on your phone for 1001 things all day. And brick-and-mortar shops still were the norm. But things were already changing […]

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AppSaloon’s blog BBQ

Now that the corona restrictions in Belgium are becoming less strict and outdoor parties are allowed again, we did not waste any time and gathered the troops for an IRL reunion! Some of us hadn’t seen each other in person since one. Whole. Year.    For us AppSalooners, 2020 was a year of keeping our heads […]

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Project management at AppSaloon: 5 takeaways

Our project manager Kim shares a few important insights: 1. Communication is key There is no getting around it: if you’re uncomfortable about giving and receiving feedback, good or bad: project manager is not for you. Communication is key! You’ll need a great deal of positive energy to inspire your team members and to explain […]

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My most used NPM packages of 2020

Let's start with explaining what NPM is: a type of JavaScript node package, a default process to manage Node.js. Here is a list of 10 of my most used NPM packages in 2020 in no particular order: Got Ky Express React-scripts React Prop-types ESlint Universal-router History Node-sass And I thought I’d also add a little […]

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Tracking the plugin cost of +100 WordPress websites

After 9 years of WordPress developing, we found ourselves hosting more than 120 websites. For most of them we purchased premium plugins, and we charged them at a fair single licence price per premium plugin to our clients.You can imagine that, with the number of websites and plugins growing exponentially,  our ‘system’ became unmanageable, and […]

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PHP Array Functions

Arrays are a very common construct of the average PHP project. And when we have arrays, we are going to need some way to manipulate and transform them into something we can work with. In this article I will provide a few examples of the array functions I use most often. The User class Some […]

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How to use the WordPress Template Hierarchy

So... you’d like to create your own WordPress Website and prefer to create your own custom templates. That’s great! Considering it is fairly easy to generate a template from scratch within WordPress. But not so fast now. Before we jump into it, you should first understand how the WordPress Template Hierarchy works. This will help […]

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WooCommerce converting product attributes from product to global level

Ever been in a situation where you can't filter WooCommerce products because they contain attributes on the product level and not on the global level? Well, we experienced this frustration recently, which made us think of a way to fix this problem. Anyone who shares this frustration, don't worry; your problem will be solved at […]

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Style, script and image asset management

We probably don’t need to explain that a large file size for your assets comes with a large page load, so here are some other tips on how to efficiently manage your styles, scripts and images on your website you might not know. Limit the DNS lookups used for all your assets When visiting a […]

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Monitoring your WordPress website

You made it! Your website is live, you finished entering all content and set up meta tags to boost your SEO. Orders or leads are trickling in. Over the past few weeks, working on the website was practically daily business for you. The website was always accessible and worked as expected. Now, the website should […]

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Lean UX

At AppSaloon we always try to improve our way of working. To do so, we reach out to external knowledge. This time, I read “Lean UX” by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. A truly inspiring book that applies lean & agile principles to improve the user experience in a much more effective way than the […]

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