5 takeaways from #GAUCbe

Yesterday we went to GAUC Belgium 2016 and we learned a lot about Google Analytics. Every speaker ended his presentation with 5 takeaways.

So here are the 5 takeaways we took with us and want to share with you.

  1. Install Google Tag Manager on your website. With just a few clicks you can update the tags you want to measure, so never miss out on a new marketing opportunity.
  2. Analyse the content-pages on your site as if they were E-commerce pages.
  3. Discuss your strategy with the developers in an early stage so they can adept their development to fit your measuring tools.
  4. It’s an ongoing process. Don’t stop with one test, don’t stop with one success. Keep your strategies running; measure, adept, measure, adept, measure, …
  5. Invest time in getting to know your visitor’s. You probably know your off-line clients, so create persona’s around them and create your strategy based on their habits.

It was an interesting and inspiring day! Looking forward to the next event!