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Even today, a lot of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises work in a more traditional way of planning and organising their work. Many of them having employees in the field relying on paper forms to keep track of work-orders, notes, time spent, .... Many of these repetitive, manual tasks can be replaced with a custom made mobile application.

As technological possibilities evolve, it becomes easier to build these mobile Apps. More and more existing systems added connection points (API's) so developers could integrate it with other systems or create their own on top of it.

This ability creates new opportunities, which support employees of those companies in their daily tasks.

These applications can repay themselves back fast, if they are developeded lean and with one focus in mind: efficiency.

Getting rid of copying data from one application to another, retyping handwritten notes, scanning documents en filling them in.

It's important to do a thorough analysis of all the operational processes that have manual and repetitive tasks. Connecting the dots between existing systems and sorting the processes by cost intensity, shows where the possible improvements are hidden.

Getting the minimal viable product into the hand of those who are going to work with it as fast as possible is as important, as is measuring the efficiency gain.

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