Web accessibility

Why should you make your website accessible? You miss out on a big chunk of visitors.  According to a study of the World Health Organisation, about 15,3% of the world's population lives with some sort of disability. This is over 1 billion people worldwide. This figure does not take into account the temporary disabilities anyone […]

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Javascript: the weird parts (chapter 1 - var, let & const)

As a JavaScript developer, I believe it is important to be aware of some the language's quirks. This is a list of some of the things I have compiled that might not be obvious to new or more experienced developers. Variable declarations When I talk to JavaScript developers who are not too familiar with ES6, […]

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Tutorial: How to test your WordPress plugin with Bitbucket pipelines

When several developers are working together, it is hard to keep an eye on the PHPUnit tests results. Because you depend on the last person's tests. To solve this issue, we required a platform where we can see the latest test results. Within AppSaloon we're using the Bitbucket pipelines to do that, but it shows […]

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WordCamp Europe Berlin 2019, my experiences and thoughts.

WordCamp Europe in Berlin is over and it has been amazing for me and I think for the whole AppSaloon team that accompanied me. There are some things that stood out for me and that's what I want to talk about in this post. The contribution WordCamp started off on Thursday with Contributor Day which […]

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How to report a bug

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at one point ... At first sight, nothing changed: you’re trying to login like you do every time. You’re absolutely sure the password is right, but still, login fails. Whenever this happens, after you tried everything you could think of to login, it’s time to get in touch with the […]

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appsaloon goes wordcamp europe

Our entire web team is traveling to Berlin in June! We've registered no less than 6 'AppSalooners' for WordCamp Europe 2019. But don't worry: the management and app team will hold the fort in Hasselt. WordCamps take place all over the world and focus on WordPress, bringing members of the WordPress community together. WordCamps are […]

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Exploring our app deployment pipeline

Developing a web application can involve a lot of time-consuming steps that might mess up your planning if you need to do them manually every time. That is why we try to automate as much as possible during the development process. In this blog post, we will be exploring how our deployment pipeline has been […]

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Gravity Forms - Flexmail add-on

Using a form on your website to let visitors contact you, order products, or subscribe to a newsletter is an accessible and easy way to make all of these actions possible. On the other hand, it's inefficient if you only receive these data (the entries) in your mailbox. In the age of tools and platforms, […]

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WooCommerce - Payconiq integration

To bring the ease of use of a Payconiq payment to the webshop, we developed a payment gateway integration for Payconiq in WooCommerce. By simply scanning a QR-code with your mobile phone, a payment is triggered and processed. What is Payconiq? Payconiq is an electronic payment system used in the Benelux, intended to be able […]

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Pagespeed , the velocity of your business. Part I

Large numbers of books, articles and tutorials have been written about pagespeed. Many of these describe the technicality and how to improve the pagespeed of your website. In this post I will explain how we at AppSaloon see pagespeed, what it means, how to optimise it and how to keep everything fast on your website. […]

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WordPress 5.0 released

The newest version of WordPress is released! First things first A big thank you to all contributors for their hard work on WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg.     What's new? Gutenberg This newest version includes a new default editor to create content in your new website and a new default theme. It's definitely a step forward from the […]

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GDPR: Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

Anyone who's been following AppSaloon for the past two years knows that we take GDPR, and all of its implications, seriously. In this blogpost we will shortly discuss the process of DPIA, or Data Protection Impact Assessment. GDPR regulations state that every organisation that processes personal data in a way which likely entails a high […]

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