Code writing improvements during Corona lockdown

We're all suffering from the Corona lockdown in Belgium, staying at home, not being able to visit friends/family, and working from home for those who are in the position to do so. Helping hands in code writing At the AppSaloon office, there are 2 (PHP) colleagues right next to me for quick questions about PHP […]

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The end of our WP-GDPR plugin

Since the launch of our WP-GDPR plugin and the GDPR deadline, much has changed in the WordPress community and core over the past two years. We now believe the community has taken great steps to make the WordPress core GDPR compliant. This means our WP-GDPR plugin has become redundant. Bottom line: the fade-out phase of […]

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Cookies & GDPR

In cooperation with SpotIT (our external Data Protection Officer) Newsflash! For the first time in Belgium, a website has been convicted for its careless and sloppy cookie policy (source: VRT). The interpretation of the European GDPR legislation is so strict that nearly all websites risk conviction for their incorrect cookie policy.  The purpose of this […]

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In WordPress development, it's often necessary to extend or build on the functionalities of an existing plugin, for instance, WooCommerce. So in your theme or custom plugin, you use functions provided by WooCommerce, that not only makes sense, it's the only way to avoid having to write these functions your self. For instance, to check […]

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Dot org registry nearly sold to an investment firm

Through the media, we heard the disturbing news that a private company has taken over the management of the .org domain and, as a result of this, the limitations on the prices of the domain name are lifted. This means that a .org domain name could become a lot more expensive in the very near […]

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How to build a dynamic Gutenberg block (tutorial)

This blog post will help you create a Gutenberg block to display dynamic content on the front and backend. Detailed description On the backend, the admin will be able to select the number of users per page on the right sidebar. Default, it will have 10 users per page. Besides that, it will also have […]

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Logging with the ELK-stack

In our organisation we came to the conclusion that centralising our website and app logs would be a productive step to take. It allows us to stay informed about the health of our running projects and possibly prevent issues before they escalate into disasters.

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How to SOP

“SOPs keep planes in the sky, trains on the tracks, and televisions on and operational.” (*) By writing this blog post, we wanted to elaborate on the what and how of both form and content when compiling a standard operating procedure. SOP: say what? Standard or standing operating procedure, is a set of written step-by-step […]

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WCEU 2019: My First WordCamp Experience

WordCamp Europe 2019 was held from 20 till 22 June in Berlin, Germany. It's hard to believe that it has already been two months, yet some memories I made make me feel like it only happened last week. Boy, did the Berlin edition get our team excited about attending WordCamp Europe 2020! This was my […]

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Web accessibility

Why should you make your website accessible? You miss out on a big chunk of visitors.  According to a study of the World Health Organisation, about 15,3% of the world's population lives with some sort of disability. This is over 1 billion people worldwide. This figure does not take into account the temporary disabilities anyone […]

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Javascript: the weird parts (chapter 1 - var, let & const)

As a JavaScript developer, I believe it is important to be aware of some the language's quirks. This is a list of some of the things I have compiled that might not be obvious to new or more experienced developers. Variable declarations When I talk to JavaScript developers who are not too familiar with ES6, […]

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Tutorial: How to test your WordPress plugin with Bitbucket pipelines

When several developers are working together, it is hard to keep an eye on the PHPUnit tests results. Because you depend on the last person's tests. To solve this issue, we required a platform where we can see the latest test results. Within AppSaloon we're using the Bitbucket pipelines to do that, but it shows […]

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