We use InfiniteWP for Updates

WordPress is a very commonly used CMS. Just like all the great CMS's, it comes with regular updates and a UI to easily perform the updates of the core or plugins. That's where InfiniteWP comes in. As long as you stick with a few WordPress websites, you can do this manually. Once we reached 20 […]

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CSS scalable image crop

Ever needed an easy way to crop images with CSS, plus keeping them scalable? Well here's how I do it. Let's say you're making a news website with a responsive grid filled with posts. You don't want your images being all different sizes because it makes your page look messy. We want our website to […]

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Search bookings in Events Manager plugin

Events Manager plugin One of the most used plugins for managing events on a WordPress is the Events Manager. It is a very easy to use and highly configurable plugin, surprisingly it lacks a feature allowing an admin to search bookings. The goal One of our clients asked for a solution because they lost too […]

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Translating with handlebars.js

By default, most webapplications are created in a single language: English. This seems like a good idea, since more then 50% (according to W3C) of all the pages in the Internet are written in this language. On the other hand, almost 46% isn't written in English, so it's a good idea to think about i18n when you […]

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Arduino Watchdog timer

Since a couple of months we’re developing an IoT (Internet of Things) application. We built our prototype with an Arduino Uno accompanied by a GSM/GPRS shield. It took me a while to make the whole GPRS (re)connect flow stable, except for one annoying bug. If we would lose connection while sending data to the server, […]

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Loading CSS and JS for admin pages

When building your own WordPress plugin or theme you will often want to load your own css or javascript files. This is simple in WordPress, you just use a hook where you register and enqueue your style or script... But what if you wanted your styles or scripts only to load on specific admin pages […]

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Server-Sent Events in Node.js

One year ago, we kickstarted the Spark Core project on kickstart. When we received our Core, we began to explore the use of it. Like so many I started an automated garden project. Living in Brussels and only having a balcony full of plants makes data gathering pretty easy. Having the Wifi close-by, made this […]

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My Internship: David Bos

My name is David Bos, a 3rd year electronics-ict student from PXL college Diepenbeek. I did my internship at Appsaloon, they develop web apps and maintain websites. They also organise technology events such as the Arduino Jam and the Zumo Robot Wars Hackathon. Besides their main activities, they are also in the middle of developing […]

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Node.js on Arduino Yún

We wanted a system that allows us control the lights and heating of our office, as well as reading out some sensors. Here at AppSaloon (where I do my internship) they use Node.js for a lot of things, which means the language was already chosen. Some of us are really good at writing Node.js and […]

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Zumo Robot Wars

My name is David Bos, I am an electronics-ict student at PXL Diepenbeek and an intern at Appsaloon. Friday May 2nd, I attended the Zumo Robot War Hackathon. This was organised in Antwerp by Appsaloon in cooperation with HelloBank. At arrival we all received our Zumo Robot with an Arduino Leonardo. The Zumo Robot  consists of the Pololu […]

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Using multiple WordPress loops

Coding more complex WordPress sites means you'll probably need more than one loop on certain pages. For example, a homepage with different sections and categories, or one page designs that are really trending this year. There are a couple ways to loop in WordPress, and this is how I usually do it. The example below […]

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My Internship: Robbert Decock

Hello, my name is Robbert Decock. I'm a student at KTA1 Hasselt and I went on an internship for 2 weeks at AppSaloon. Working with the BIG GUYS for two weeks #awesome AppSaloon is a company that is specialised in developing cool web applications and websites. My knowledge of HTML or WordPress is not that […]

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