Vagrant fails to install MySQL Server

We use Puphpet to generate the configuration files for our vagrant boxes. Since 2 days there is an issue with the Vagrant-box "puphpet/ubuntu1404-x64" when it comes to the step were MySQL must be installed. The MySQL package was updated in the repository to a newer version. At this moment, there are 2 easy workarounds: Downgrade […]

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Personalise PDF Vouchers upon checkout

When using WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers, the default flow allows a visitor to enter a personalised message on the product page. If you want the visitor to personalise the voucher during checkout, this presents a problem since the PDF Voucher plugin doesn't have this feature. Our solution was to add a custom checkout field using […]

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Websocket basic Authorisation in Node.js

Secure websockets, authenticated with Basic http authentication. On the client-side they throw a popup and you provide it with an username and a password to authenticate yourself and gain access. On the server-side you have to add this to your request headers. There are a lot of websocket client packages available on npm, but they don't have […]

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Become more efficient with an App

Even today, a lot of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises work in a more traditional way of planning and organising their work. Many of them having employees in the field relying on paper forms to keep track of work-orders, notes, time spent, .... Many of these repetitive, manual tasks can be replaced with a custom made mobile […]

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Google analytics in a cordova web-app

We use Google Analytics in most of the websites we build. With our apps, we have more options. However, when you try to add google analytics to your Cordova web-application, you will find that it doesn't work out of the box. Because your application is running from file:// google analytics won't work. You need to […]

Read More with Hapi.js

I recently got to work with hapi.js for building an api and I like the Hapi way. To add web-sockets I needed to integrate Because I couldn't find an up to date explanation on how to do this: var Hapi = require('hapi'); var server = new Hapi.Server(); server.connection({ host: 'localhost', port: 8000 }); var […]

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We use InfiniteWP for Updates

WordPress is a very commonly used CMS. Just like all the great CMS's, it comes with regular updates and a UI to easily perform the updates of the core or plugins. That's where InfiniteWP comes in. As long as you stick with a few WordPress websites, you can do this manually. Once we reached 20 […]

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CSS scalable image crop

Ever needed an easy way to crop images with CSS, plus keeping them scalable? Well here's how I do it. Let's say you're making a news website with a responsive grid filled with posts. You don't want your images being all different sizes because it makes your page look messy. We want our website to […]

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Search bookings in Events Manager plugin

Events Manager plugin One of the most used plugins for managing events on a WordPress is the Events Manager. It is a very easy to use and highly configurable plugin, surprisingly it lacks a feature allowing an admin to search bookings. The goal One of our clients asked for a solution because they lost too […]

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Translating with handlebars.js

By default, most webapplications are created in a single language: English. This seems like a good idea, since more then 50% (according to W3C) of all the pages in the Internet are written in this language. On the other hand, almost 46% isn't written in English, so it's a good idea to think about i18n when you […]

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Arduino Watchdog timer

Since a couple of months we’re developing an IoT (Internet of Things) application. We built our prototype with an Arduino Uno accompanied by a GSM/GPRS shield. It took me a while to make the whole GPRS (re)connect flow stable, except for one annoying bug. If we would lose connection while sending data to the server, […]

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Loading CSS and JS for admin pages

When building your own WordPress plugin or theme you will often want to load your own css or javascript files. This is simple in WordPress, you just use a hook where you register and enqueue your style or script... But what if you wanted your styles or scripts only to load on specific admin pages […]

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