Arduino Jam 2014 V1- The winners

When we founded AppSaloon, we also started to sponsor one of the greatest events: The Arduino-jam, 48 hours of making based on the arduino platform. Makers, creators, students, ... were invited to join for a weekend of fun in the fablab of timelab in Ghent. Last weekend we held our 5th jam with 19 makers from […]

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WordPress Custom Fields

WordPress Custom Fields can be really handy when you want to add some custom metadata to a specific part of your template. For example, you can use it to add a classname to a div, or merely to add some extra info. The convenient part is that you can give the value to each post […]

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Jenkins with NodeJS and Grunt

Continuous integration, especially with Jenkins, is fun ... once you have everything set up. To start a new project, you configure your local development environment. Once Grunt nicely reruns your Mocha tests, it's time to start thinking about the CI configuration. You need to automate the installation steps of your Javascript project. The easiest way […]

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Upload to and edit in canvas

Ever needed to make an app were the user has to upload an image and edit it before saving? Like upload, crop and scale your profile picture. A few years ago you would start by uploading the image to your server. Then wait. And wait a bit more, because they just got themselves a new […]

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