The end of our WP-GDPR plugin


Since the launch of our WP-GDPR plugin and the GDPR deadline, much has changed in the WordPress community and core over the past two years. We now believe the community has taken great steps to make the WordPress core GDPR compliant. This means our WP-GDPR plugin has become redundant.

Bottom line: the fade-out phase of our beloved plugin has begun. What does this mean for our customers?

  • we’re closing off all new subscriptions & sales
  • existing clients will no longer be able to renew their subscription
  • customers using premium add-ons will still be able to contact us for support if necessary until one year after their purchase
  • our plugin and its add-ons will remain functional
  • we have stopped developing updates
  • clients are not able to access their account and download past invoices anymore; contact us and we'll be happy to help with that!

More and more WordPress plugins offer the option to implement the GDPR tools, available in WordPress core. Another reason why we no longer see the need to offer a separate plugin to do exactly the same.

We strongly believe in the WordPress community, which incorporated these functionalities in the WordPress core, making every WordPress website GDPR compliant by default. We will continue to support the WordPress community in this process.

WP-GDPR support

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