We use InfiniteWP for Updates


WordPress is a very commonly used CMS. Just like all the great CMS's, it comes with regular updates and a UI to easily perform the updates of the core or plugins. That's where InfiniteWP comes in.

As long as you stick with a few WordPress websites, you can do this manually. Once we reached 20 WordPress websites we spent too much time on performing updates, so we started looking for some form of automation.

The candidates

In our search, we found 2 candidates to assist us with this job:

We chose InfiniteWP, because it's a self-hosted solution and it has many 'addons' to improve your productivity while maintaining that many websites. Plus, the team of InfiniteWP is very communicative, and they keep their product very well updated.

How we do updates

Since updates of the core and the plugins can arrive on any moment in time, we plan to do updates every Tuesday. This gives us the opportunity to fix occurring issues if needed. Imagine you updating on Friday evening and things go south ...

We haven't encountered many issues yet, and most of them were styling issues. For example extra CSS-classes that screws with the theme. Since it's the middle of the workweek, there are time and resources available to look into the issue and fix it.

Every week, another team member is in charge of the updates, so everyone knows how it works and we're not depending on a single member. There are holidays, you know.

How do you manage all your (clients) WordPress websites? Do you use a tool for that?

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