Web Development Tools: Sublime Text vs PHPStorm IDE

Web Development Tools

Web Development Tools, everybody has his preferred tool for efficient code writing to get the job done. This comparison will be primarily opinion based by my colleague en me, because we both have different needs in our daily routine of code-writing.

I remember the days of Ultra Edit, HotDog Pro, Dreamweaver, Notepad++ as Web Development Tools, we all used at least one of them. They where/are loaded with tons of buttons to do various things that could help you writing code.

While all those features/buttons/wysiwyg/settings in the tools could really help you, they where distracting you from that one thing you wanted to do in the first place…..writing code.

This is where my favorite tool comes in the picture: Sublime Text. For me, mostly for writing HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript & PHP

Sublime Text

Clean, simple, fast and yet so powerful. Straight out of the box it can do already helpful things like:

  • Goto Anything
  • Command Palette
  • Distraction Free Mode
  • Split Editing
  • Instant Project Switch
  • Customize Anything
  • Plugin API
  • Cross Platform
  • Multiple Selections

logo php storm Web Development Tools


As much as I love PhpStorm and in fact I use this every single day. The truth is, I also use Sublime Text. You might think this makes absolutely no sense, but I disagree.

For me it’s similar to choosing the right car.

For example, when I’m going to the beach, I prefer a convertible, it’s light, fast and good looking. But when I’m going on a road trip with my family and luggage is needed a convertible is no longer the right choice. In this situation a SUV would be a better decision, robust, practical and lots of options.

So when I’m coding hardcoded, working with packages and classes that i’m not familiar with, PhpStorm is a godsend. It’s like the SUV, a developer tool with lots of options. Especially in situations where I want to pull a class and I can’t remember the full path. In those cases I don’t  use Sublime Text, it’s just too difficult.

However when I’m fixing a bug, I don’t need PhpStorm’s awesome refactoring capabilities or the autocompletion. I just want a plane editor like Sublime Text, my convertible. It is ridiculously fast, PhpStorm can’t even begin to compare. In those situation, Sublime Text is the right choice for me.

What’s your favorite code editor?