WordCamp Antwerp 2016 speaker session


First Belgian WordCamp ever in Antwerp

Saturday 4th June 2016 I attended the first Belgian WordCamp to speak about GIT deployment in WordPress during a 25 minute session.

I spoke about how to setup, and especially why, to use GIT as a deployment tool for a WordPress website.

It was my first public speaking for a group of unknown people, so I got very nervous just 1~2 minutes before the session. But it all went smooth as I started talking.

Seems that still a lot of people using FTP to deploy a website to an production environment, thats cool, FTP is a good tool to do this, but it's a human action.

Human errors

And we all know, humans make mistakes.

Thats why I try to convince people to use GIT as a deployment tool.

Probably your code is already in GIT, and after a quick setup, you could automate the process of putting your site live. No more human errors.

After my session, I didn't even have the opportunity to participate in other sessions, as many people from the session were surrounding me with so many question for their particular project setup.

Which was a good sign and meant that they where interested in the subject.

I made my slides available if you're also interested.

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