Bingel's Birthday

In June last year, we received an interesting question from marketeers working for publisher ‘Van In’, who wanted to organise a corona-proof birthday party for their online learning platform ‘Bingel’.

We developed a custom script integration to make drawings, uploaded by teachers on Bingel’s Facebook page, automatically visible on the Bingel website.

Who or what is Bingel? It's an online portal used by primary school teachers with playful exercises for their students. It’s displayed as a group of islands where every island represents one grade. The platform exists 10 years, which calls for a celebration!

Bingel's party island

The main goal was organising a year-long party celebrating Bingel’s 10th birthday, linking on- and offline marketing campaigns. A new interactive birthday event is launched every month throughout the school year, with the first one being a search for and introduction of Bingel’s party island.


All birthday celebrations need to be in compliance with the ongoing measures against the coronavirus in Belgium, which excludes many possibilities.
During the initial thinking process together with the client, we thought of ways to link Bingel activities taking place in both the classroom (offline) and the learning platform (online).


The marketing actions consist of fun competitions or party assignments where children can download a colouring page or design an avatar. The teacher organises a class activity, or the children work on their drawings at home. Afterwards, the teacher uploads the results to Bingel’s Facebook page. We developed a custom script integration showing the photos on the Bingel WordPress website.
Activities like 'Kadomator' and 'Bakery' work well because they link the offline and online world in an easy and accessible way. Another fun example is the 'photo booth', where children can choose a photo frame, take their picture using a smartphone or tablet, adjust it to fit into the frame, and share it through social media.

Lean process

Throughout the process of unrolling and revealing new parts of the Bingel party island, we made adjustments, in dialogue with Van In, where needed. The island page got a festive look-and-feel, including digital confetti.



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