AppSaloon BV

Bampslaan 21 box 3.01

3500 Hasselt


VAT: BE08 4029 5063

Phone: +32 11 123 589

+32 485 37 97 75

Our bank account details:

IBAN: BE41 0017 2582 5010


AppSaloon BV is een geregistreerde
kmo-portefeuille dienstverlener
Registratie nr: DV.A220031


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How to reach Appsaloon

By train

Our offices are just a few minutes walking from the ‘Hasselt’ train station: take the main exit (front side of the building), turn right, cross the street and continue for about 100m.

By car

In the vicinity of the Appsaloon office you will need to pay for a parking spot. Different locations are explained below. The duration of your visit will determine which option is the cheapest.

Long-term parking: Astrid

Koningin Astridlaan
(enter opposite the ‘Frans Massystraat’)

From 9 til 19h: 1 € per 4 hours of parking.
From 19h til 9am: for free.

Near the train station (below the court building)

Grote Breemstraat

From 9 til 19h: 2.28 €/h.
From 19h til 9am 1.61€/h.

Parking spots on the surrounding streets

Look for the parking meters in the streets nearby our office. Parking for 30 minutes or less is free.

Nearby streets
Bampslaan, Koningin Astridlaan, Passerelstraat, Frans Massystraat, Monseigneur Broekxplein, Stationsplein, Tramstraat, Geraetsstraat and a part of the Grote Breemstraat.

From 9 til 19h you will pay 1 € for the first, 2 € for the second and 3 € for the third hour. So 1 € for 1 hour of parking, 3 € for 2 hours of parking and 6 € for 3 hours of parking etc. (maximum 10h a day).