Do you think you have the skills to complete our gang and there’s no specific job opening available regarding your qualities and capabilities, don’t hesitate to let us know why we should hire you.

How to apply

Please send your application to tine@appsaloon.be answering the questions:

  • Why you are applying at AppSaloon
  • What kind of opportunity/role/work area you seek and why
  • Which skills you possess
  • How your previous experience/studies/interests prepare you for a role/internship here

If we believe we have a relevant opportunity for you, we will contact you within 4 weeks.

Thanks for your interest in AppSaloon and your effort to apply for a job at our company.

View our Privacy Policy to find out how we handle the data of your application.

Bampslaan 21 box 3.01
3500 Hasselt
VAT: BE08 4029 5063
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