tester Chrome app

Do you ever a used in a project? This “ – tester” bundled in a Chrome app would definitely be a handy tool.

Before, we wrote this app, we would write small node.js scripts that you had to configure and run. We would always forget where we put the script and we always told ourself to put it in a gist. We never did.
When we were working with a MQTT server (mosca), one of the developers asked me if he could see the server log. I build a server and emitted these server messages over websockets. Why Because it’s easy and has a pub/sub style that is handled like events on the client side.
Not wanted to send over 10 client scripts we decided to quickly wrap it in a Chrome Web App and make it useable for everybody.

A Chrome app

Making a Chrome apps is fairly easy, you just add a manifesto.json file to your project and your about done.

Instead of stopping there, we went all the way and made a study project of it, writing it in ecmascript 6 and used react.js for creating the views.
This approach made it necessary to build our code. We had to deal with the es6 javascript that is not yet supported. Luckily babel.js took care of that. The react jsx needed to be compiled to normal javascript.
We used Grunt to run our gruntfile.
After that you upload your project in the Chrome web store, add some logo’s and your done.

If you find a bug or want an extra feature let us know in the issue manager of github.