Unizo, a leap forward to efficiency


Unizo Limburg contacted us by the end of 2014 to help them convert a labor intensive operation to be a less heavy one.

F2F is a project invented by their director Bart Lodewyckx and has the goal of creating a beter connection between the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial organisation. Every employee of Unizo Limburg has to visit about 40 members and talk with them about the needs of their company. During the conversation they provide extra information tailored to the needs of the member, and write down a report.

The flow

A simplified version of the old process flow:

  1. Someone does a query on their Dynamics system to select the members they are targeting
  2. The Unizo Limburg employees get an email with a link to an Excel file where they can pick about 10 members
  3. The member gets an email with a meeting request
  4. Everyone copies their members to a new Excel
  5. Everyone updates meeting dates
  6. They meet with the member
  7. Write a report and fill in a 50 column Excel, create a report for another program and for updating the members data.
  8. Write an email to the member, with extra information tailored to their needs
  9. Updating Dynamics database
  10. Updating overview of all visits
  11. Prepare an overview for another data gathering program
old process flow of Face to face

old process flow of Face to face

Together they spend each month about a month on this project.

Our goal

"Make the whole process less cumbersome and easier, and deal with the fact that the Dynamics system was there to stay."

The quick wins:

  1. Removing the shared Excel for picking your members
  2. Mailing the members when selected
  3. Meeting the member, deliver info and do reporting in one way
  4. Mail the member with information based on their needs
  5. Generating reports

Our solution


The export from Dynamics (CSV formatting) is imported in our application and uploaded to our noSQL database. Everyone can select the members they want to visit. The list synchronises on every action so no double selects can happen.

After confirmation of their selection, it's added to a mailing list and to their personal list.


The members are automatically added to the app. They can manage the appointment.

When they visit the member, the app functions as a data acquiring tool and an information tool at the same time. While showing information they can connect this to the client, which will be used later in the follow-up e-mail.

After the meeting, one checks if everything is correct and the app will validate if all required fields have been filled in. It then automatically generates an e-mail with all the information bundled and reports for the organisation. The project administrator gets an optimised list of all changed member data.

new f2f process flow

new f2f process flow


Both web-app and Ipad-app were built using the same software and libraries. Two developers could work simultaneously: one on the web-app and one on the Ipad-app which speeds up the process.

By not trying to integrate with the dynamics database, we avoided a lot debugging and testing and could define our own basic validation on the csv's.

We used a nosql offline first database which reduced our development time also, because all the queries where done via the api.

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